• silverlight – 一个应用程序中的多个浏览器外应用程序



    A user will visit a gameboard web site
    and choose a game to play. Let’s call
    it Checkers. He likes it, so then he
    installs the out-of-browser app to his
    desktop. He then finds Chess, and
    installs that too. For both games,
    while played on the site, he has stats
    (games played, win/loss records,
    etc.). For each game on the site, he
    navigates to a different page.

    But now he wants to play offline and
    view his stats and other cross-games
    information. He wants to have a single
    app to launch to play either game.
    From his single out-of-browser app, he
    sees that Go is also available, and he
    places a checkmark against it to
    download on his next connection.


    你需要的是 MEF(它将包含在即将推出的Microsoft .NET Framework 4的CLR中)
    你可以阅读更多关于它 here, here&有一个例子 here